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JETBOY & the Randomizer of DOOM

Jetboy is a retro supercharged jetpacking pixel shooter with a pumping metal soundtrack.

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In the year 3020 a global pandemic swarmed across the planet Gaia...

Dave lived on Gaia & Dave was very bored...

Life just wasn't that much fun...

Dave wanted to get away, a bit of isolation, some 'me' time...

With perhaps a bit of jetpacking, laser blasting & a good reason for wearing his tight fitting space suit.

Dave decided to take a vaction...

Unfortunately Dave booked a trip with Nebulizer Vacations and went to the Doom Nebula & its infamous Randomizer belts...

Story Mode

help Dave get away from it all with a vacation to the infamous Doom Nebula

Randomizer Arcade Mode

selectable console themes, with randomizer planets, baddies, bosses, weapons, powerups & difficulty... means every play is unique.

Baddies & Bosses

space worms, crazy jumping eyes, spinning things, weird things, space things, killer sheep and ridable chickens.

Weapons & PowerUps & Vehicles

laser guns, rocket launchers, grenades, and more.. slow down, smart bomb, shield and more.. ride the ghoists of defeated bosses.. secret

Console Themes

GB Mononboy, Speccy, C64bin, Mega GenDrive, SNOS, and more...

Other Features

10 track metal soundtrack, joystick & keyboard control, designed at 256x144 pixels - like the old days.

Logos, Screenshots & More...

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